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                                    About Econometrics Letters

Econometrics letters publishes 4 journals a year in letters format which is not more than 5000 words.

Econometrics letters plans to afford a rapid environment for the researches in econometrics field.

Therefore, any reader of the econometrics letters can easily found any kind of subject in the area of econometrics.

Econometrics Letters provide a detailed peer-review process for every submission.

These reviews are sending back to every submission in any case as a valuable feedback.

Econometrics Letters uses double-blind system for peer-review.

Submission of an article implies that the work described has not been published previously. The articles are first cross-checked by Ithenticate.

Currently indexed by : Repec, Ideas, Econ Papers, Socionet, Google Scholar

ISSN 2148-6212