Volume 1, Issue 2, October (2014)

Econometrics Letters
Volume 1, Issue 2, October (2014): ISSN 2148-6212
1) Still staying away: Women and the economics major – evidence from two Southern liberal arts colleges                                                      1-7
 Fred H. Smith     Christina Zenker

This article extends the literature that examines the underlying reasons for the gender imbalance in the field of economics.   Previous research suggests that women are less likely to major in economics because of the lack of female role models in the subject (Ashworth and Evans 1999), math anxiety (Dynan and Rouse 1997), and the influence of parents’ education levels (Leppel 2001) and career preferences (Turner and Bowen 1999). These papers have focused on data collected from nonsectarian, coeducational institutions located in the Northern United States.  We focus our analysis on the choice of major at two Southern liberal arts colleges, Davidson College, which is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, and Salem College, a women’s college that is affiliated with the Moravian Church.   We find that women are still less likely to major in economics than men, and that attending a women’s college has no effect on this result.  However, we find that the likelihood of majoring in economics rises if students have a female instructor for an economics course, if they have completed calculus in high school, or if they perceive that their job prospects are better after majoring in economics.

Keywords: Economics major; Undergraduate Economics; Gender; Liberal Arts Col..

JEL Codes: A22

[ DOI: 10.5455/ELet.2014.1.2.1 ]


 2) The Stochastic Futures of the Natural Gas Prices: Russian Federation in Caspian Region                                                                    8-16

Narmin Mammadova

This study examines the convergence hypothesis of natural gas price series of Russian Federation and USA using both linear and nonlinear time series techniques Russian Federation and USA during the period of 1991-2011. Although the linear Augmented Dickey Fuller (ADF), Philips Perron (PP), test provide evidence of the existence of a unit root, which means that the series are nonstationary, KPSS test result support the null hypothesis of existence of the stationary series. A nonlinear test as an alternative approach to investigate whether there are nonlinearities in the series is also taken into consideration. KSS, the nonlinear testing procedure provide some supportive evidence of a nonlinear price convergence among the Russian Federation and USA.

Keywords: Nonlinear Unit Root Test; Convergence Hypothesis; Natural Gas Price.

JEL Codes: C12; C22; O47.


  3) Profitability Effects of Owning a Group Affiliated Media Institution: An Emerging Market Case                                                     17-24

Deniz Ilalan

This study focuses on the performance effects of having a group affiliated media institution under the group umbrella. Existence of a media institution is expected to increase the overall group performance. The econometric model is based on the annual data between 2000-2010 for an emerging market, Turkey. It is found that owning a media institution significantly has a positive impact on the performance of group firms.

Keywords:  Panel Data; Emerging Market; Media Institution.

JEL Codes: C31; G15 ; L82